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Discover the unparalleled reliability of Australia’s premier lash extensions supplier.

Our team members are qualified lash artists with years of industry extensive knowledge,We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality lash products that won’t break the bank. Empowering you to lash with absolute confidence.

At MK Lash Fan, our mission is simple: to enhance your profitability without compromising on the superior quality and captivating packaging. Allow your clients to witness and feel the beauty of the lash products you use for them, as we prioritise your success and their satisfaction.

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Comfort is our top priority with our luxury curl beds🥰Crafted from the finest ultrasoft materials, each bed ensures your clients feel relaxed and happy throughout their appointment. 

😔Don’t let your clients leave with memories of a stiff, uncomfortable bed and a sore back. 

It’s time to elevate their experience with the ultimate in luxury and comfort🌟

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Want to know how our Promade Lash Fan can create such gorgeous lash sets? 

Our secret lies in the material😉 Ultra soft German BSF. It's a deep black, super lightweight, and gives a dreamy, fluffy effect, especially when creating those mega thick volumes🥰
Calling all Barbie pink lash artists💖 Our dream lash bed is here, featuring electrical adjustments to ensure your clients are in the most comfortable position every time they lay down🥰

Say goodbye to stiff massage beds and hello to luxury🤩Give your clients a high end experience with our gorgeous, top of the line lash beds!!

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Upgrade your lash services with our premium hydrogel eye pads🤩 Designed for optimal comfort and precision, they keep lower lashes perfectly in place while soothing and hydrating the delicate under eye area. 

Offer your clients a luxurious experience they won’t forget🥰

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